Site photos

The photos on this website are from They are licensed under Flickr’s Creative Commons Attribution licensing scheme. We would like to thank the authors of these photos for their use.  

Each photo is reproduced by ClaimCert as it appears on Flickr except for those which have changes we have made which are recorded below in brackets.

All rights in these photos are reserved by their respective authors and full details of each photo’s licensing conditions can be found in the link to each photo below.

My Eye by Chris McClanahan (cropped and extended from original)

Grass blades blue background by Greg Reardon Photography (cropped from original)

Pointing at button by Steve Wilson

People by This Particular Greg (cropped from original)

OneMethod Office Pics by OneMethod

Law School Exit by .Mary

Message on a bottle by Brett Jordan (cropped from original)

London at night by Pug Girl

Mirror by Sarah (cropped from original)