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1. Check that we can help you

Your policy

Your policy is a consumer or small business insurance policy

Your dispute involves at least one of these

You have had all or part of an insurance claim refused by your insurer

You have been accused of making a fraudulent claim

Your insurer or their agent has badly managed your claim

… And none of these

Your dispute is not about a life insurance policy

Your dispute does not involve a misselling complaint (for example missold PPI)

Your dispute is against your own insurer and not someone else or their insurer

Stage your dispute has reached

You have not issued Court proceedings about your claim against your insurer

You have not yet made a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service  


If you have complained to the Financial Ombudsman you have not yet

   appealed your Investigator or Adjudicator’s decision to an Ombudsman

If yo


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