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We have taken the excuses insurers use to refuse paying consumer and small business insurance claims and matched them against the laws and regulations that insurers must follow.

We can quickly, accurately and cost effectively work out how to get your refused insurance claim paid.

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Our unique service helps consumers and small businesses get their refused insurance claims paid


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Tell us their excuse

We will look at it and confirm whether we can help you. If we can, pay our fee and our experts will carry out a 100 Point Case Review to analyze their refusal against the thousands of pages of laws and regulations that prevent them relying on their excuse.


Challenge it

We will prepare a claim

Assessment Report for you explaining where you stand.  Everything is backed up with hyperlinks to the relevant rules to show we are right and to ensure you get the best results.

Get your claim paid

If there is a way to get your claim paid we will find it and give you

everything you need to persuade your insurer to back down and, if they still refuse to listen, to take your case to the Financial Ombudsman who has the power to make them pay your claim.

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Gets results

High quality service with a proven track record

Easy to use

Gives you the skill  

to do it yourself  

Clear pricing

Simple and transparent  fixed fee service

On your side

We only help policyholders and not insurers

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£695 fixed fee

  Review Insurer small print

  100 Point Case Review

  Assessment Report

  Personalised Letter pack

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“I was on an expedition to the North Pole when we had to cancel our trip because of bad weather.

Our travel insurer turned down our claim and left us with a six figure bill just when we needed them most. You helped us recover nearly everything we were claiming for.”


World Sailing Champion (£100k)

“I had to close my pub after the river next to it flooded. My insurer told me that their policy documents didn’t cover a flood, even though they knew I lived by a river. ClaimCert spotted a loophole in their small print, but they refused to listen, so we took them to the Financial Ombudsman and they forced my insurer to pay up.”




“My legal expenses insurer refused to pay my claim. They pointed to a clause they’d put in the middle of a pile of papers and told me to go away.

Once ClaimCert got involved they paid the full amount I was after.”


Pub Owner


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LBC - 9th July

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We charge a fixed fee and everything in our service is included.


Using the Financial Ombudsman means that you are not at risk of paying your insurer’s legal costs. It also means that you will not be able to recover our fixed fee from your insurer, even if you win.

No win no fee*

LB no win no fee

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